Bring me the head of Johann Sebastian Bach


Awhile back, Ann Mason—then-exec-director of the Renaissance & Baroque Society of Pittsburgh—and I thought it would be screamingly funny to create a promotional bobblehead of the august Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach.  And, by George, we were right—it is funny!

Here’s what I envisioned:


One of the rbsp board members, Joy Troetschel, has some expertise in getting merchandise manufactured, and knew of a bobblehead factory in China who could produce our little statuette.  What follows are some images from the correspondence I shared with the talented sculptors who created a brilliant little 3D clay caricature of Bach from the sketches I sent.

Bach Head Clay 1

Bach Head Clay 2

Bach Head Clay 3

Bach Head Clay 4

Bach Body Clay 6

And here’s the prototype.  They even airbrushed a nice 5 o’clock shadow onto JSB’s cheeks!

Bach Colour Revision 3

If you’d like one of these timeless treasures, visit the rbsp website—they’re modestly priced and benefit the Society.

12 responses to “Bring me the head of Johann Sebastian Bach

  1. Oh that is so friggn’ cool!
    Can you imagine what Bach would think if he new in the year 2009 someone would be making a bobble head of him!

  2. I would like to buy one of your Bach bobbleheads
    Do you ship to Canada and how much for shipping

  3. Oh, he bears the last name of my father. Wow. My great grandfather was from Prussia. He was Damian Bach. I do not know if he tracks his genealogy in my ancestry. Well, Who knows? John Bach seems so interesting. Wow!

  4. Any more of these left for sale?

  5. Thanks, John. I just made a bid. By the way, I love your work!

  6. very very nice this bach.
    has been reproduced to buy it?
    I would very much

    • Mi dispiace, Domenico. Purtroppo, abbiamo fatto i Bach bobblehead per una propaganda quasi dieci anni fa e non sono disponibili più. Cliq a di tanto in tanto. Si puo vederlo ogni tanto. —John

  7. Hi,
    is it possible to buy J. S. Bach sculpture ?

  8. I would love to get one of these for my dad! Can they still be found anywhere?

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