Dead man’s chest o’ books

Update: Welcome, Bittersweet Harvest readers!

Now that it’s December, I’m wistfully recalling the first hot weekend of last Spring, the one I used as an excuse to paint outdoors.  I created some surface decoration on this wooden bookcase, to be auctioned off at a charity event for Beginning With Books.

I chose for my theme: pirates—natch.

I enlarged the sketch by drawing a 1″ grid over it, and drawing a 1′ grid on the bookshelf. The sketch was drawn so that one inch equals one foot.

The winning bid was from my pal Charlene Langer, an instructor at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

7 responses to “Dead man’s chest o’ books

  1. Beautiful! I’ll never underestimate the potential of old furniture again.


  2. That… is… AWESOME! I would love to do something like that for my son’s room. Too cool.


  3. That is sooo cool!


  4. Love that you made something old into better than it was new! I know it will be an added ‘treasure’ to any little boys room.


  5. Ahoy, John. My grandson would be delighted with this. Shiver my timbers, it’s swell.

    Elizabeth Roth


  6. What a “treasure”.
    Any child would be thrilled to receive this work of art.


  7. “The spirit of magic comes alive!”


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