Big Mama/Big Daddy

Two more characters from Stinker and the Onion Princess. Big Mama and Big Daddy are tired of seeing their son lay around the house—they want him hitched so they can hear the pitter-patter of their grandkiddy’s feet.

Big Mama is loosely based on actress Kathy Bates. She's wearing an outfit I saw on Dale Evans.

Kathy Bates

Here's Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. This isn't the outfit.

Big Daddy is loosley based on actor William Conrad. He played Detective Frank Cannon on TV in the 70s and before that, he was the announcer on the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Big Daddy is an oil baron. I figured he must have grown up in the saddle, so he stands bowlegged. This is not so easy to draw on a character with short legs.

Bill Conrad

2 responses to “Big Mama/Big Daddy

  1. You nailed all of it! But I agree with the Annie Wilkes thing …. she was pretty freaky!


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