An editorial assignment

Occasionally—very occasionally—I get an assignment to create an image for grownups.   These two were for a business magazine; the article was about decision-making.  One was to be of a couple of football players and an umpire flipping a coin, the other would be two lawyers playing rock-paper-scissors.  The client provided a rough layout—

Here’s the sketch of the football players—

This was a black & white assignment, so I rendered it in India ink washes.

Here are the two lawyers, as a sketch—

And inked in—

Why is the sketch always more fun than the finish?

4 responses to “An editorial assignment

  1. “Why is the sketch always more fun than the finish?”

    Man, you took the words right out of my mouth. In my digital work, I sometimes just clean up and darken the original sketch, and put it on top of my colors, instead of inking it, because I love all the crazy lines and textures in the sketch that inspired me to finish the piece in the first place!


  2. Because of this special energy that you find in the very first sketch, I love the work of Quentin Blake! He`s got a special way of keeping his lines fresh!
    Here is a link to his site where he explains how it works:


  3. Wow, that is a really neat video, Patrick.


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