Return of the Wizards

Way back when I was a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, a bunch of us got together and founded a society devoted to nothing more than throwing parties.  This was back before cable tv, gameboys, x-boxes, iPods—so we had to amuse ourselves.  Back in these primitive times, when boys and girls wanted to meet, we’d go to parties and dance around and listen to music—which had been recorded on records, and played on a turntable. We hosted these parties on the Duquesne University campus, at the Pittsburgh Elks Club (a beautiful beaux-arts building now demolished), aboard a riverboat, or anywhere else that would have us.

Anyway, being art students and crazy for anything that smacked of sword ‘n’ sorcery, we called ourselves the Wizards.  We’re having a reunion in August, and I’m putting together an illustration to commemorate the event.  Here’s the sketch.

3 responses to “Return of the Wizards

  1. Sweet! Love the “mechanimal” approach. How many of the Wizards went on to pursue successful art careers — aside from you, of course?

    • That’s a really good question. I know some of the guys have because I see them now on Facebook—2 I know for certain own design businesses. I guess I’ll find out in August!

  2. Nice sketch!

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