A very sad day

My little African Gray parrot, Sherman, went to heaven this morning.  Though he was small, he had a huge personality.  He filled up our house with chattering, whistling & singing. He made up words.  He sometimes called himself ‘Shermy-Pie’—his combination of Sherman and sweety-pie.  It’s heart-breakingly quiet around here now.

You can see him in many of my books.  Wherever I’ve drawn a pirate scene, Sherman is there. Now I’ll carry him in my heart.

Goodbye, Shermy-Pie, my little budgie.

9 responses to “A very sad day

  1. Oh that’s terrible news. So sorry for your loss. At least he still “lives” in your books!


  2. I was so sorry to hear about Sherman-Pie going to heaven – our pets are extended family, that can touch our hearts and inspire us and bring us great joy – and they do it for so little. I know for myself I am hoping to meet up with all my departed loving pets when I die. It should be quite an interesting gathering.

    Jane Valery


  3. John, losing a member of your family, and a very big part of your household is difficult enough, but losing one of your inspirations and models is something else altogether. You’ve made him immortal, though! I’m glad we got to know him through your books.


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  5. Oh John and Lisa, I am so sorry to hear such sad news! Sherman had such the personality! He was a wonderful guest at all the Saturnaliae. I remember your telling me how he perfectly mimicked your voice and drove the dog crazy! I’m glad to have some of your books so I can always remember him.


  6. I loved hearing about this special little bird!
    You gave him a wonderful life and a special place in your books.


  7. Thank you, friends.


  8. Late in catching up, but I loved Sherman, John! He was such a delight and he’ll be missed. Hope you find a chatterbug to keep you company, although there will only be ONE Sherman. xo


  9. Hi John, so sorry I am late in catching up too. I am so sorry for your loss. Sherman was such a special little guy, he will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. My condolences to you and Lisa. :o(


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