School for Santas

This is Santa Claus’ busiest week, and since there’s only one Santa, he can’t be everywhere at once.  So what’s up with all the Santas you see in department stores and malls?  Two words: Santa’s helpers.

These guys help out during the Christmas season by dressing as Santa and representing him while the big man’s busy back at the North Pole.  It’s not as easy as it sounds—to be good at it you need training.  Luckily, there is a place Santa’s helpers can go to learn their trade.

My art school chum Charles Bergeman told me about his grandfather, Charles W. Howard who founded the Santa School (click on the book, then on the upper-right corner of the book to turn the pages).  I had no idea this school existed and was so happy to learn about it I had to tell you.

One response to “School for Santas

  1. John, thanks for recognizing the efforts of the many Santa’s Helpers that make every year special for kids and parents each year.

    The small community of Albion, NY celebrated my Grandfathers memory this year with an entire weekend of events in their town. Every year I receive dozens of contacts from people who were touched by things that he did for them, and the places and events he worked on.

    The message I personally have for each of you this and every season, is to help make special memories for you and your loved ones, and everyone you touch. This is the most valuable gift you can give.

    Happy Holidays my friends, and a very Happy New Year.


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