As You Like It painting

This is me trying to sew 2 scans together with Photoshop.

5 responses to “As You Like It painting

  1. You may want to try scanning the piece in three sections, providing you with a larger safety area of overlap. This will allow you to blend around key features, such as leaf shapes, rather than across them. Also, try out Photoshop’s built-in auto align feature (but not auto-blend; manual blending with layer masks works better). You still may need to adjust/rotate placement on a minute scale, but it does help.

    btw, the piece is incredibly cute. I like it very much.


  2. Hi John,
    This painting is completely charming. Is there a chance, if we give you image credit, that we could use this image for our reading of “As You Like It”?
    Please let me know.
    Janis Hashe
    Shakespeare Chattanooga


  3. John – this is so wonderful. I wonder whether you would let me use it for the front cover of our acting scripts of our staged reading of an abridged version of a play. I also like the black and white, if you’d rather I use that.


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