Busy, busy, busy

Sorry I’ve been lax with the blog posts lately.  It’s been a hopping season for school visits as well as my usual book projects.  On top of all that I’ve been trying to organize my spectacularly disorganized studio by installing some bookshelves and a cabinet.

I ordered 4 bookshelf units from Woodland Mills.  They send you the pieces and you put them together.  These are made of pine with a beaded-board back.  I’d like all my new built-in furniture to look like the beautiful old oak paneling here in the National Transit Building, so I’m painting the pine to match.  After primer I paint 2 coats of gold-orange-brown, wait til it dries, then paint a glaze of dark brown and drag a graining tool through it (this is latex glazing medium with burnt umber acrylic paint mixed in).  The last photo shows 2 book shelves I painted next to real oak on the left.

In the middle between the bookshelves will be a deep cabinet to hold all my art and project envelopes.   A friend of mine is custom-building that and will deliver it tomorrow if it’s not raining!

2 responses to “Busy, busy, busy

  1. the bookcases look great, cant wait to see the next step. xxxx

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