Some really big letters

When you come up the stairs to the second floor of the National Transit Building (where us artists are) you’re greeted with gorgeous woodwork and beige walls.  It looks office-building-ish.

And so we’re letting everyone know in a big, big way that they’ve stepped into an art environment.  The walls got a coat of lavender paint last Saturday from Ally, Maureen, Suzette, Linda & Anyssa.  Christina is holding the chalk line thinghy, which she used to snap out a big grid on the wall. We’ve chosen an old wood font from the 19th century because it goes with the building and has mostly straight lines—easy to tape.  We’ve only got ‘A’ & ‘R’ up so far.  To come soon: ‘T!’

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One response to “Some really big letters

  1. John forgot to mention that he too helped paint the lavender walls. He was our high man on the ladder doing all the trim around the ceiling and edges. We think it looks great, come on up and check it out. Course we might hand you a brush! Linda


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