Pirates at storytime

Pirates Go To School drops anchor in bookstores next Friday!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the illustration process, so let’s review.  I draw rough thumbnail sketches, design the characters, gather visual reference, draw beautiful sketches based on the thumbnails, paint a color script then finally paint the final illustrations.

Here’s the storytime scene.  I wonder if my friends at Farmersville Elementary School will recognize their library?

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2 responses to “Pirates at storytime

  1. John,
    This is truly impressive, and makes me feel like a lazy hack. You are obviously a drawer AND a painter, which I admire. And I love that you challenge yourself with interesting angles and lighting. Thanks for sharing every detail of the process. I especially love the tape removal, cuz it feels sooo good and it’s that point when you actually feel like you’re looking through a portal into another world. Great work!


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