My studio in the National Transit Building is over 100 years old with lots of oak woodwork and a well-worn door that looks like it should be to the office of a private eye.

Having more or less caught up with my deadlines, I took a little time to finally put my name and studio number on the window.  I chose some old typefaces that looked appropriate—from some type catalogues that I have and from internet sources.  I created the words on my computer and printed them out big enough to fill the space on the door.

Then I taped the printout to a piece of black Contact paper and cut the letters out with a razor blade.  I taped the entire mess to the window and carefully peeled the backing off each letter.  I left the printout taped to the window so I could stick the letter back where it’s supposed to be—like a puzzle piece.

Now the door’s ready for some dame to walk through it asking me to find her missing sister…

4 responses to “27B

  1. Isn’t Guy Noir in 28?


  2. Sweet! Is that a mail slot just below the window? It’s probably just big enough for the barrel of a snub-nose 38.


  3. Next: A photo of you at your drawing board wearing a fedora, with one of those old 1940’s Bakelite telephones and a copy of the Maltese falcon – the bird, not the book – on the desk beside you. “Art Noir.” I’m liking this.


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