Before we leave Marco polo and the Silk Road and Xanadu and all those horrible camel gags, let’s pause to enjoy Juan Tizol and Duke Ellington’s fantastic jazz number, Caravan. Here’s Buddy Rich and his big band (this clip is mostly about Buddy’s drum solo).

Here’s another version of the same number—

And here’s the best one, in my opinion, by the girl-group Bond. I think they precisely nail the romantic, exotic vibe conjured by the word ‘caravan.’

Sunday, 02/02/2020 UPDATE! Why couldn’t I find this earlier? Here he is, the man himself: Duke Ellington and his Orchestra playing Caravan from 1937—

2 responses to “Caravan!

  1. Thanks for finally writing about >Caravan! | John Manders’ Blog <Loved it!

    • It was my pleasure! Are you a Duke Ellington fan? One of the things I love about the Duke (I read this or heard it on the radio) is that he arranged his music to show off his band’s strengths and downplay their weaknesses. I know nothing about arranging music, but I don’t think it’s usual to cater to specific talents like that—is it? What a matchless talent. I gorged myself on Duke Ellington’s take on the Nutcracker Suite over Christmas. Thanks for reading—DM me if you need a postcard!

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