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Carpet bombshell

Gaius Julius Caesar (GY-oos YOOL-yoos KY-zar, for you pronunciation geeks)

What’s next? It’s the Roman Empire, everybody! Rome began as a republic, but a guy named Julius was really good at coming at, seeing and conquering countries so he expanded Rome into an empire and declared himself ‘caesar’ (KY-zar)—which means ‘dictator.’

Cleopatra introduced herself to Julius by having herself rolled up in a carpet and delivered to him.

Queen Cleopatra was the last descendant of Ptolemy to rule Egypt. She didn’t want the Roman army rolling through her country, killing people and breaking things. So Cleopatra switched on her feminine charms to captivate Julius Caesar—and form an alliance with Rome. That worked out great until Julius was assassinated by political rivals in 44 bc. After that, Augustus Caesar (Octavian, Julius’ nephew) and Marc Antony and Lepidus joined forces to wage war against Julius’ enemies and consolidate/hang onto/keep together the Roman Empire.


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