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People in charge sure like to close things down

Now we zip ahead about 150 years to Emperor Justinian. You knew I’d get back to Egyptian hieroglyphics eventually, right? Justinian wanted to discourage all religions that weren’t Christianity, so in ad 537 he closed the Egyptian temples where they worshiped ‘small-g’ gods Horus and Anubis and other deities (DAY-i-teez). With that, there was no need to read hieroglyphics anymore (‘hieroglyphics’ means ‘words of the gods’). After a couple of generations there was nobody left who could read or write or understand hieroglyphics.

Beware, this link has a buttload of pop-up ads: https://classroom.synonym.com/temple-isis-ancient-egypt-7517.html
What a visual treat! Look at this animated recreation of the Philae temple complex: https://www.realmofhistory.com/2017/10/03/reconstruction-philae-ancient-egypt/