We need a gag writer!

We’re coming up on the Roman Empire, and I want to do a post about how much the Romans were in love with Greek art. I drew this cartoon. I just can’t think of anything funny for the characters to say. It’s up to you guys. I’m counting on you to write some dialogue for these two ancient Romans.

So put on your funniest thinking cap. You have one week to write words for both dialogue balloons. You can put your joke in the comments or send it to John@johnmanders.com. Everybody who participates gets a post card. The writer of the winning gag gets this drawing. DON’T PUT YOUR CONTACT INFO IN THE COMMENTS, YOU GOOFBALLS! Tell me your postal address at John@johnmanders.com. I’ll post the results Friday, February 26, 2021. May the odds be ever in your flavor!

10 responses to “We need a gag writer!

  1. Man: “Ooh, classy vase, dear!”
    Woman: Yes, isn’t it? And NO, we are not putting it in the Vomitorium!

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  4. He: I’ve got this urning, urning, yearning feelin’ inside me
    Ooh, deep inside me, and it hurts so bad.
    She: Olive me, why not take Olive me?

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  5. Jim F sent me 3 gags via e-mail. Here they are—

    Her: Look what Achilles just brought us from Athens!
    Him: Well, it’s beautiful, but beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

    Him: Very nice. Did you buy that in Rome?
    Her: No, the legionnaires took it as booty when they captured Athens. They called it a vase-ectomy!

    Him: Why do all of the Greek soldiers have beards?
    Her: It’s obvious! The vase was made by a hairy potter.


  6. Here’s one from Maddie—
    Him: That’s nice.
    Her: Use the one your mom sent.


  7. Nathan submitted this one:

    Him: I have no problem with your mother’s remains going on the mantle, I just don’t understand why the cremation urn is so big?

    Her: Who said she was cremated?!


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