Daily Archives: March 8, 2021

Les roules

So, getting back to parchment.

Parchment is durable and flexible. It’s doesn’t weigh much and is a whole lot easier to carry around than a bunch of clay tablets. Pages of parchment can be sewn one to another in a long strip so an entire epic poem or holy book can be written on it. Strips of parchment can be rolled up on rollers with handles—they are called scrolls.

Scrolls were important documents. The French call them roules and the word is echoed today in lists of important things like ‘roll call’ or ‘honor roll.’

Some scrolls were designed to be unrolled horizontally as you read them, others are unrolled vertically. As you unroll one end, you roll up the other. Reading online is like reading a vertical scroll. You ‘scroll down’ to keep reading.

According to this French chef, roulés à la confiture are quick and easy to make. If you make any please drop off a few at my house. My doctor tells me I’m not getting enough spongecake— https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0D6PPaNujY

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