Scrolls are still around

Parchment scrolls are still used today for important documents. In a Jewish synagogue, the Torah is written on a scroll. As the rabbi reads from it, he uses a yad to point to the words so his hand doesn’t touch the holy text.

There’s a tiny hand at the end, pointing a finger

You may have noticed me fretting about animal welfare for the last few posts. My pal (and Western Civ User’s Guide Irregular) Ilene told me that Torah scribes—sofers—who write on parchment are trained to be kosher butchers (click here and scroll down to the comments—also here, scroll down). They’re taught to have compassion for G-d’s creatures whose bodies furnish the parchment His Word is written on.
Warning: this link may be unsettling; it talks about the kosher slaughtering of animals—

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4 responses to “Scrolls are still around

  1. John, kudos to you for your ongoing series. Hope you are well. If you haven’t already, please visit when you have a chance. Would love to know what you think.

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  2. John,
    Thanks for the shout out! I am really enjoying being one of your ‘irregulars’! Just for fun, I’m sending you a drawing based on ‘yadayim’, the traditional Torah-reading tools you’ve mentioned here. It’s called ‘The Land of Yad’. Check your email in a few minutes.


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