It was a big deal

The printing press was the first mass medium. I’m expanding the definition of ‘medium’—how you stick pigment to a surface—to include the idea of spreading information by putting ink on paper. ‘Mass’ as I use it here means lots of people. Printing was a new super-effective way to broadcast ideas to a big audience. Martin Luther understood that right away. His pamphlets were carried by ships to different countries, translated, reprinted and seen by people all over the western world. You could argue that there’d have been no Protestant Reformation without the printing press. We’ll be coming up soon to when pamphleteers used the printing press to explain to lots of people how a new system of government might work: a nation run by its citizens instead of a king.

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3 responses to “It was a big deal

  1. Gee, I wonder what Herr Gutenberg would think if he could see his invention morphed into an 11 foot high 3D printer that can print components to build a house?

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  2. He’d platz! What about designing type with an iPad app? It’s sorcery!

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