Giant BBQ Party on Saturday!

If you’re anywhere near Oil City, Pennsylvania this Saturday, June 9th we’re throwing a Giant Barbecue party—and you’re invited! It’s from noon to 3:00. Come on up to Studio 27B in the National Transit Building on Seneca Street. We’ll have free Texas barbecue and lemonade, hot tamales and cow tails. I’ll be reading Jack and the Giant Barbecue and painting a picture which we’ll raffle off to a lucky winner.

Speaking of barbecue, did you know the Caddo Indians in Texas were smoking meats over smoldering wood over 10,000 years ago? You can read a dandy history of barbecue over here.

5 responses to “Giant BBQ Party on Saturday!

  1. fran fry, the frying pan

    doing a bit of bbq ourselves on sunday. doing a turkey on a spinning rod over a wood fire and pork ribs in our 40 yr old barrel smoker, which is getting a new lease on life when a welder friend adds some 6 inch pipe that finally bit the dust.


  2. Love your illustrations John. We are considering relocating to Oil City and are planning on taking a trip to visit the town and meet some of the artists towards the end of next week. I look forward to meeting you and seeing your book.


    • If you can make it this weekend, you’ll meet many more artists during Open Studio Day Saturday, noon – 5:00. There’s also an artist reception in the Graffiti Gallery Saturday evening.


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